Wetherspoons in line to take over Saltoun: Your View

Your view: What do you think about the plans for the old Saltoun Hotel
Your view: What do you think about the plans for the old Saltoun Hotel

With the Fraserburgh Herald reporting on the J.D Wetherspoon application for the Broch, we sent our reporter out to see what you think of the planning appliction for the former Saltoun Arms Hotel.

Jennifer from Fraserburgh told us: “It’s a great thing for Fraserburgh, with all the closed down shops in the area it will be something for vistors of the broch to do.”

The building, which has been branded an eyesore by the public since the hotel closed five years ago, could be in line for a revamp if a planning application is accepted by Aberdeenshire council.

The two separte applications for the site can be viewed at the Aberdeenshire Council planning department on Mid Street and online.

Mark from Fraserburgh told us about how a Wetherspoon chain could reap rewards by opening up in Fraserburgh. He said: If it is going to create jobs in the Broch then I’m all for it. It would do quite well here if it opened.”

Wetherspoon is applying to change the use class from hotel to general use (a public house serving food and drink) as well as making alterations to both the outside and inside of the building.

The plans include the demonlition and rebuilding of the rear extension and creating an outside drinking area.

However, Donald from Sandhaven doesn’t agree that a Wetherspoon is the right direction for the Broch. He said: “I don’t think what the town needs is another pub, although I can see the benefits of this creating some jobs in the area.”

Julie from Rosehearty told the Herald: “ The Saltoun has been an eyesore for years now - far too long. I am glad that someone is taking an interest in it and thinking of doing it up.”

Jack from Fraserburgh said: “It’s great news that someone is taking the Saltoun over. With the boarded up windows it just looks horrible.”

Nicola from Fraserburgh thinks the chain pub could do well in the Broch. She said: “I hope the application is accepted as it could stop the Saltoun looking a mess and give people another place to go. It could could do well with visitors in the area.”

The design and access statement submitted by J D Wetherspoons explains that: “J D Wetherspoon plans to completely upgrade, refurbish and extend the existing building to form a traditional public house with all day restaurant/dining facilities, bringing it back into use once again, which will then lead to generating much needed jobs into the area.”

The proposals go on to explain how Wetherspoon intends to provide a ‘wow’ factor, preserving the history of the building, show-casing local artwork and sculptures, while incorporating the latest technology on site.

It states: “Comfortable, efficient and ergonomic dining facilities will be provided and complimented by customer area ‘wow’ factor, such as feature fireplaces to give a sense of warmth and comfort, bespoke designed sculptures to reflect the essence and character of the overall aesthetics.

“Our clients are keen to advertise the history of the building by displaying local history artwork around the premises.

“Internal areas are also decorated with commissioned artwork and sculptures created by locally sourced artists.

The bar “will be designed to compliment the building style and features, so it looks as though it has always been part of the building.

“Through the use of sympathetic design and the latest technology our clients strive to provide the customer with a satisfying and memorable visit”.