What do you want for the Broch in 2012?

Your views: You, the local community told the Fraserburgh Herald what you wanted to see for Fraserburgh in 2012
Your views: You, the local community told the Fraserburgh Herald what you wanted to see for Fraserburgh in 2012

It is the start of a new year, a time for resolutions, change and looking forward.

Fraserburgh has seen its fair share of change in 2011 but what is it you would like to see in 2012?

Many residents of Fraserburgh who were asked, hoped that the issue of anti-social behaviour will be a priority for 2012.

Local resident Margaret Duthie said: “I hope there is an improvement in how anti-social behaviour is dealt with especially down near the shore and town centre. There are so many people who drink alcohol and leave empty bottles, cans, and the mess looks awful at times.

“I think Fraserburgh could be a lot better if there were tougher measures to deal with this problem. I know that there have been a few meetings about the issue and I hope that the council and police will look further into this issue.”

Another resident Lorraine Russell also commented on anti-social behaviour, stating: “It has got to the point where serious action needs to be taken.

“I’m alright, I’m 36 and can stick up for myself but what about older folk who hear and see this behaviour? Some of them are too scared to leave their house.

“The police need to do more car patrols as well. The amount of speeders and boy racers flying down small and residential streets is outrageous.

“Something urgently needs to be done people can feel safe in their homes again.”

Furthermore, CCTV was another issue brought up by some residents. Michael Mackie of Shore Street said that he thinks CCTV has been a big help in the area but thinks more CCTV around the town is needed.

“CCTV definitely helps prevent youngsters and others committing crime. I’ve noticed a difference already with the cameras that are up and running.,” he said. “I think more cameras in the town would have a positive outcome for the Broch especially in the centre.

“I know it’s expensive for CCTV but I think in the long it would be beneficial since there would be less people damaging property or putting graffiti everywhere which can be expensive to fix or remove.”

One resident, Gary Steele, said what he would like to see for 2012 is more local shops open:

“Its not a nice picture to see shops boarded up in the Broch. There needs to be more local businesses and shops opened and I think that will bring the community closer.

“We should stay a community that looks after one another and shop in local stores and use local tradesman.

“That’s what it’s all about or we may as well all move to Aberdeen because there will be no local trade left if we don’t do things within the community.

“That’s what would make the Broch a great place in 2012, if everyone supported each other making us a stronger community.”