What NEX for singing star Stephanie?

Will continue: Stephanie will continue to pursue her singing
Will continue: Stephanie will continue to pursue her singing

Cairnbulg girl Stephanie Buchan will continue to sing, despite not winning the NEX Factor.

The 19 year old singer is still upbeat and enjoyed her experience although she failed in her bid to win the coveted title.

Stephanie told the Herald: “NEX Factor was the most amazing experience, I loved every moment of it.

“It was such a well organised event and it turned out to be a brilliant night.

“All the contestants were brilliant and it was really great to meet them all.

Despite suffering from a bad bout of tonsillitis Stephanie managed to sing James Morrison’s, ‘You make it real’ at the final.

Stephanie added: “When I still wasn’t better on Friday night, I was really starting to panic so I was really nervous but it all came all right on Saturday night and managing to get up on stage and perform the song felt absolutely brilliant.”

The first ever NEX factor held in the AECC in Aberdeen saw ten finalists battle it out.

The eventual winner was 16 year-old Rowan Ah-See who won the top prize of £1,000 in cash, a professional photo shoot, a recording session at a local recording studio and a luxury car to take him to the photo shoot

The competition for 13 to 19 year-olds, was to raise money towards building a learning centre for street kids in Mirerani, Tanzania.

Aberdeen-based Malaika Africa and Cove-based event management company Valley Events hosted the final after auditions were held in Elgin, Dundee and Aberdeen.

Yasmeen Ali, NEX Factor event organiser, said the evening was huge success and is pleased at the feedback they received.

She said: “We couldn’t have wanted for a better event and it will be a challenge to do even better next year because the standard of talent was already so high.”

The event raised nearly £6,000 towards the learning centre, and brought the long journey from auditions in June to the finalto a fitting end.

Stephanie has decided that despite not winning she will continue with her passion for singing.

She said: “I’ll definitely be continuing with my singing.

“I am singing at a wedding soon so that is the next big thing to practice for.

“I absolutely love to sing so I can’t see myself giving it up any time soon.

“Watching everyone doing their performances was brilliant, everyone was really good and I loved being on stage and singing too.

“It was a great experience. It was a really great night all in all.”