What’s in a name? Buchan car registration to go under the hammer

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A CAR registration plate going under the hammer next week is sure to cause interest in this neck of the woods.

The plate – BUC 114N – bears more than a passing resemblance to perhaps the most popular name in Peterhead and Fraserburgh – Buchan.

The prestigious item is being auctioned at Inverurie’s Thainstone centre on Monday (July 4) where it is expected to draw considerable local interest among car owners.

The local seller – who wishes to remain anonymous – told the Herald: “This plate was created by the DVLA and has never been registered on a car. Given the number of Buchans in this area I fully anticipate it generating a fair bit of interest.

“I see this plate becoming a part of the family – something to hand down to generations of ‘Buchan’ motorists for many years to come.”

Personalised registrations continue to be big business with hundreds of thousands of name and initial-related plates being purchased in the UK every year. The DVLA alone has 30 million registrations available for purchase, with some plates commanding substantial five-figure prices.

The local seller of this cherished plate, however, is not setting his sights too high – preferring to let the auction take it course.

“People interested in this plate should go along to Thainstone on Monday and make a bid – it’s there to sell so who knows what it will make on the night,” he said.

“What is guaranteed is that the proud person who does get it will have something very rare indeed and will certainly stand out on the road.”

Thainstone’s Monday night auction, beginning at 6pm, is a very popular event featuring an array of cars, bikes and vans going under the hammer as it is now the only vehicle auction remaining in the North-east.