Wind turbine application rejected

A proposed wind turbine at Inverallochy has been rejected by the Banff and Buchan area committee.

Concerns were raised that the structure could have an ‘adverse impact’ on Inverallochy Castle which is a category B-listed property.

The 260ft turbine was planned for Hallmoss Farm and officials were worried that when viewed with a similar project at nearby Gowanfold, the character of the area would be changed dramaticially.

In a committee meeting report last Tuesday, it had been recommended that the Hallmoss proposal be rejected.

A report previously presented to the committee last month stated: “The development by virtue of its scale and location within the undeveloped coastal designation would detract from the unique open landscape quality of this location.

“The impact of the proposal when viewed in conjuction with the neighbouring wind turbine proposal at Gowanfold in event that both developments were to proceed, would detrimentally change the visual character of this sensitive landscape area by virtue of the unbalance and irregular layout of the proposed turbines.

Councillor Michael Watt who put forward the motion of the refusal at Hallmoss Farm said the application was too close to residential property.

“I am 100% behind green energy and have supported similar applications,” he said.

“The main problem with this application was it was too close to the residential area.

“The applicant only stays 12 miles away from the proposed site and was would bang in the middle of a proposed residential area.”

The area commitee unanimously rejected the application.