Work begins on Asda site

WORK: Work has begun on the site of the new Asda supermarket.
WORK: Work has begun on the site of the new Asda supermarket.

Work has begun on the Asda site near Fraserburgh’s Watermill Road, with workers erecting a metal fence around the land where the supermarket will be situated.

Asda is planning to build a brand-new store in the town, with a target opening date of early summer 2013.

An agreement between Asda and Robertson’s, who are carrying out the work, is believed to have been signed last November.

Commenting on the news of the imminent work in November, 2012, Councillor Ian Tait told the Fraserburgh Herald: “I am delighted. I have been doing my best to get this supermarket into Fraserburgh for quite a while now and it is tremendous news that they will be signing the agreement with Robertson’s this coming Monday.

“I understand that enabling works will take the rest of this year (2012) and they will start building early January with a target opening date of early summer next year.

“This will bring jobs for local people and also make cheap petrol available to us. I believe that the local garages are charging something like 5p more than the Asda pumps in Peterhead.

“So it should just be a matter of months before we get the cheap petrol too at our local Asda store. It will also provide much needed competition for Tesco who have had it all their own way for years now as far as supermarket shopping is concerned.”

Councillor Charles Buchan also said in 2012: “It is great for Fraserburgh to have attracted this big investment. Apart from creating more shopping opportunities, more competition, and boosting Fraserburgh as a shopping destination, it is going to provide over 100 new jobs.”

Lynsey Ross, acting property communications manager with Asda, had commented: “We’re pleased to be bringing forward this exciting proposal for Fraserburgh as we know there is a demand for another retail offering in the town.

“We believe that the new store can provide customers with an improved choice, as well as bringing our quality produces and famous low prices to the area.

“As well as this, we will be making a significant investment in the town, regenerating a currently redundant site, and generating up to 200 new jobs for local people.”

Meanwhile, Katherine Mackintosh, development director at Robertsons Property, said last year: “We are delighted to announce that Asda are coming to Fraserburgh.

“We have worked hard to bring this stage of the project to fruition and we’re very pleased that we will shortly be able to start the enabling workings with construction commencing in the New Year. The people of Fraserburgh have always been supportive of this project and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Aberdeenshire Council’s Infrastructure Services for their assistance as well as the local councillors for their continued support.”

While Fraserburgh businessman John Maitland said that he was hopeful the arrival of Asda would encourage further retailers into the town, saying last year: “I’m delighted with the investment coming to Fraserburgh and the increased choice of shops.

“This will increase the spend in Fraserburgh and provide local employment.

“Hopefully this will encourage other retailers to come to Fraserburgh as well.”