‘Yes’ sign once again talk of the town at Gamrie

Yes makes a comeback!
Yes makes a comeback!

A giant ‘Yes’, which was carved into the undergrowth on a hillside near Gamrie at the time of the Scottish Referendum vote has reappeared due to the recent flurry of snow.

Richard O’Neill, who along with friends created the giant Yes on the hill overlooking Gardenstown, wrote to the Herald this week to tell us the latest reaction to the sign.

He told us: “It was the talk of the town at the time as you can imagine.

“However, the Referendum now well and truly over, it soon withered and it has been pretty invisible for quite some time now, resulting in victorious chants - in fun of course - from the local ‘No’ populace.

“However, as you can see, a recent snow shower has lit it up like nothing else, and it is once again the talk of the town being photographed and shared all over Facebook,” he added.