You can’t spend a penny here, says bus firm

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A local resident, who suffers from a medical condition that results in frequent visits to the toilet has been told that toilet cubicles on Stagecoach Bluebird’s buses will remain locked.

Robert Strachan travels frequently to Aberdeen to attend hospital appointments for an ongoing medical complaint and has to rely on public transport provided by Stagecoach Bluebird to convey him to his destination - a journey of over an hour-and-a-half.

Many of the Buchan Link buses are now fitted with toilet cubicles on board although these are locked so Mr Strachan made enquiries about using the facilities available.

Mr Strachan told the Herald: “I have been trying to get this matter resolved for months and I believe I am not the only person who has complained about it.

“Initially I asked at Fraserburgh bus station about using toilets on board the buses and was told to contact Aberdeen. When I did this the girl I spoke to told me there was no reason for the toilets to be locked.

“I then contacted Stagecoach in writing and have received a written reply that states the toilets will remain locked as Stagecoach does not provide toilet facilities on local bus journeys.

“The letter then directed me to the toilet facilities at the bus station, Ellon park-and-ride and at Aberdeen Union Square.

“I do not believe this is good enough, it is a very long journey from Fraserburgh, especially for people with medical conditions and those travelling with young children as it can take over an hour-and-a-half to get into Aberdeen.

“Furthermore it is not always possible to use public facilities - for example the toilets at Mintlaw Square were locked last week and people were being re-directed to the toilets at the Happy Plant - while travelling on public transport this diversion would not be possible as drivers have timetables that they have to adhere to.

“My doctor has advised me that he will provide me with a medical certificate if required as I intend to take this matter further and have contacted my MP.”

Commenting on behalf of Stagecoach Bluebird a spokesperson said: “Although some of our buses operating on this route have toilets on board, which are fitted as standard on certain coaches, unfortunately these are not in use as we do not have the required waste disposal facilities at our local depots.”