Your say: vandals target Fraserburgh landmarks

Fraserburgh's Four Corners.
Fraserburgh's Four Corners.

With a series of attacks on well-known local areas, the Fraserburgh Herald has asked its readers for their say on what damage vandalism and graffiti is having on the town.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the new community and sports centre had been targeted by vandals who were alleged to have pulled plants up from the ground at the site.

Elsewhere, the four corners shelter, which has been renovated by volunteering members of the public, has been targeted no less than three times since work began at the site last year.

Properties on College Bounds were also damaged last year when vandals spray-painted over the windows of residents in the area, the Lighthouse Museum having its foghorn spray-painted, too.

Charlie Reid, who was involved with Fraserburgh gala, refuted the idea that vandals were hitting out at the town’s amenities because of a lack of things to do and take part in locally, saying: “Plenty of stuff to do in the Broch, numerous clubs, societies and sports to attend, there is more to do nowadays than there was a generation ago.”

Reader Kerry Reynolds agreed, adding: “So much kids are out and their parents don’t even know where they are at!

“Maybe if the parents didn’t let them out to do as they please when they please then this wouldn’t happen!”

Jeanette Rattray, however, saying: “. . . For younger kids there is maybe plenty to do but for teenagers there isn’t much to do here.

“The youth centre is only open certain nights, although I believe it is down at the JIC now but even then they close at 9pm. OK maybe through the week that’s fine, but at the weekends there is nothing to do in the town after 9pm.”

John Grant responded: “There simply is no excuse for vandalism.

“There may not be much, if anything to do in Fraserburgh after 9pm but does this justify the graffiti and destruction of property.

“The answer is NO. People just do not have any pride in the town.

“We have an excellent Heritage Site, great beach, all weather football pitches, full size football pitches, skate board area etc etc.

“OK these may not be available for use in the winter after 9pm but there must be something better to do that commit vandalism.

“The town centre may not be at its best, in fact if truth be told it is in a terrible state, but there are moves afoot to regenerate this area.

“We also have an excellent new leisure facility opening in a few weeks time. Hopefully this will be well supported.

“There are sections of the local community who are trying to make a difference and they face an uphill struggle due to these who seek to destroy the good being done.

“Why a section of the community would deliberately sabotage the good work being done is beyond me.

“Yes I would agree that more investment is required to make the town a place to be proud of but there are those who are trying to make Fraserburgh a better place to live.

“So for those who partake in vandalism why not take a step back and have a good look at what you are doing to the town and how much of the good work being done you are spoiling.

“Why can’t we all pull together, support local groups and help us make the town a better place.”

The Lighthouse Museum, who themselves were a target of graffiti crimes, also commented on the Fraserburgh Herald’s Facebook page.

They said: “The Broch has a huge amount to be proud of and it’s heartbreaking to see the vandalism that the whole town struggles with.

“We’ve had two separate cases of graffiti on the Fog Horn last year.

“The Kinnaird Head Lighthouse is so important to the history of Scotland as well as Fraserburgh that it is designated as a Scheduled Ancient Monument.

“The museum attracts tourist from all over the world on a year round basis, bringing much needed income into the local economy and peoples visits are compromised by a mindless few.

“A greater appreciation of the town and what it has to offer might go some way to helping...?”

Aberdeenshire Council can be informed of graffiti in need of removal by calling 0845 600 3 900 or by sending a text message to 07624 802722.

Information sent ot Aberdeenshire Council’s wasteline via the above methods is automatically passed on to Grampian Police.

There is no obligation to provide personal details for this service.

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