Your Say, Your Way - police seek public views

Police Scotland officer.
Police Scotland officer.

Police Scotland is looking for the public to give their experiences and views as they modernise and shape the way the public contact them through their service centres.

More than 4.2 million emergency and non-emergency calls, emails and SMS texts are handled by staff each year.

Telephone is the most popular method for members of the public to contact the police and access the service.

Police Scotland is working in partnership with the Scottish Disability and Equality Forum to host a number of events around the country to gather the opinions of communities to ensure everyone in Scotland has fair and equal access to contacting Police Scotland through their Service Centres.

To this end a workshop is being held in Aberdeen at the Altens Community Centre on Thursday, February 19 from 11am-4pm.

Chief Inspector Arlene Smith said: “Our service centres are world class facilities and we receive very positive feedback from our communities about their contact with us.

“People are already able to get in touch everyday for all manner of police advice or assistance. So it is important that people understand we’re looking for their help to enhance existing services and we don’t intend to compromise any of the local arrangements already in place.

“We’re determined that on each and every occasion a member of the public contacts the service centre, they can do so with ease and in a convenient way. We look forward to working with our local communities to understand how we can best achieve this.

“Only by involving the public in the design process can we truly meet the vast spectrum of communication needs of people around the country.”

Police Scotland, with the Scottish Disability and Equality Forum, invite the public to have ‘Your Say, Your Way’ at one of the workshops where people will be encouraged to give your opinion on current service provision, and more importantly, how it might be improved in the future.

The North East event will be held in Aberdeen on Thursday 19 February from 11.00am – 4.00pm at the Altens Community Centre, Strathburn Street, Altens, Aberdeen AB12 3SE

For further information please contact Vicky Innes of the Scottish Disability and Equality Forum on Tel: 01259 272064, or by text/SMS to 07985 874 287.