Broch Birthing Unit

Dear Sir,

Having read the recent article in the Herald with regards to the local birthing unit which is now under threat of closing as a cost saving exercise by the local health authority surely MSP Dr Whiteford and local SNP Councillor Topping, as our local representatives should be doing everything they can to keep the unit open.

Why should we want our young mums put in danger to travel to outlying districts when we have the facilities at hand ourselves, at the same time they should be pushing for a longer recuperation period for these mums as said 6 hours after a birth is a bit ridiculous.

Why spend money on a 5 star facility for prisoners in our area when they could do a lesser job and save money for something of better value to the general public for a change.

Considering the ‘Main man’ was practically living on our doorstep and doing NOTHING for the area is a total disgrace.

Yours faithfully,

George M Esslemont