Muirden have not allayed turbine fears

Dear Sir,

I refer to your headline “Muirden Allay Turbine Fears.” Muirden have done no such thing. There is a growing unease in our community about the number of wind turbines that have been built in recent times.

It is now almost impossible to travel from Fraserburgh to Inverness without being in sight of at least one.

Like most folk, I have little idea what a capacity factor of 40% actually means. One vested interest tells me that they are the panacea to our future power needs, another tells me that they are inefficient and of no real use.

I do not have the technical know how to make a decision about this, however I do know that wind turbines are becoming a blight on our landscape and that a wind farm of twelve (for now) on the top of the most prominent feature in the area is not good for any of us.

I also know that every single wind generator is there for one reason only; to make money. The Wind Farm industry is the latest growth industry, lauded by the current Government as a future source of income for the Scottish people.

It is seen by outside companies as a means to making a quick buck.

Left to the will of the wind farm operators and our subservient local councillors, there will come a time when there is no more room for wind farms in Aberdeenshire.

Mr Fowlie will be able to retire as a wealthy man and his apparent aim of having a wind farm visable from every other part of Aberdeenshire will be fulfilled.

Everyone who actually cares about our Scottish heritage and the beauty of our countryside should fight this proposal; wind farms may have their place, just not on top of Mormond Hill.

Peter W. Hawkey