Squabbling councillors

Dear Sir,

I have got to the stage now I really do not want to buy the Fraserburgh Herald and the reason it is as follows.

Mr Tait and Mr Topping and their war of words using the Fraserburgh Herald as its jousting ring.

I did this and I did that - they are both councillors voted in by the people of Fraserburgh on merit of the things they used to achieve.

Does it matter who gets the glory points for what is done in the town unless they have actually picked up a spade and whatever tools it needs to do the job?

Then my praise goes to the person or persons who have done the job not these two puppets because that is what they have become.

This type of behaviour is what I would expect from children not adults in their position.

It should be local news not their views. So can we have the Fraserburgh Herald back to what it used to be please.

Elizabeth Goodbrand

via email