The Broch’s new black belts

Unlucky for some, but not for the 13 Karate students from the Satorishido Martial Arts Club in James Ramsay Park, Fraserburgh, who attended their black belt grades.

Friday, 16th March 2012, 9:10 am

The grading was conducted over a two day period, being completed on Sunday, March 4.

All 13 students had to demonstrate their abilities in the discipline of freestyle karate in front of six grading officers. The grading proved to be very hard, with all 13 students being put through set tasks to show they were ready to become black belts.

In order to complete the grade, students had to complete the following tasks: Kyu Disciplines; 2nd Kyu Disciplines; self-defence forms; breaking techniques; weapons disciples; katas one, two, three and four; a paper on the terminology of kicks, blocks and punches; a paper on striking points on the body; a paper on the pressure points on the bdy; a free-style Kata of their own making, and the 73 piece kata of the Satorishido karate, a very difficult Kata that takes a lot of time to master.

Albert Ross, the founder of the Satorishido Martial Arts Association, said: “Some would say that these tasks are too hard for some of the age group that attend our Karate club, but, as senior Instructor and founder of the Satorishido Martial Arts Association, I believe, if you are to achieve the level of black belt, you have to be very good at what you do and our students are some of the best in Scotland.

“I was very proud of them and they showed that they had earned the right to wear the grade of Black belt in Karate. The Satorishido Martial Arts Association has become one of the best in the country for the Champions it has trained over the years and with the development of the Fraserburgh Fitness Centre in James Ramsay Park it is growing in popularity some nights of the week we have over 90 students in for Karate training.”

If you would like to see the James Ramsay Park facility, please visit anytime from 9am ‘till 10pm daily.