Burgh set for ‘Old Firm’ atmosphere

Russell McBride, Fraserburgh FC captain.
Russell McBride, Fraserburgh FC captain.

Fraserburgh Football Club captain Russell McBride has likened the atmosphere of games between Fraserburgh and Peterhead to the Old Firm.

While less will probably be on the line for both the Burgh and the Blue Toon during the game, than those familiar with the often title deciding clashes between Rangers and Celtic, McBride is ready for whatever is in store for his side at the Balmoor.

Peterhead will host Fraserburgh on July 12 for Graeme Sharp’s testimonial fixture, the fullback one of the Blue Toon’s longest serving players.

“The games against Peterhead in the past, that I’ve played in, have been not far off an ‘Old Firm’ game I suppose.

“They’ve been quite high tempo and a lot of tackling.

“There’s a big rivalry between the two towns.

“There was always goals, there was entertainment, there was always controversy, but, with Peterhead stepping up, it’s kind of died a wee bit.

“I’m sure with a couple of friendlies here and there, pre-season, and maybe meeting them in cup games, the spark will come back again.”

Sharp had previously told us: “The friendlies against Fraserburgh are never friendly, they’re 
competitive games.

“I remember one year when I got clattered twice in the first 10 minutes and had to go off.

“Then before half time Bavidge and Gunn were forced off and Neale Cooper, who was the manager back then, 
was going ballistic.

“Of course that’s not all Fraserburgh are about but it shows that it is a more meaningful friendly, shall we say.”

He added: “My dad comes to all our games but he’s still a bit uncertain about supporting Peterhead because of his Fraserburgh background.

“So from a family point of view it should be a great occasion and that’s why I thought it would be good to choose them.

“I hope it’s good for the town of Peterhead too - it should be an interesting derby game.”

Fraserburgh’s Supporters Club will be running a bus to the game on July 12, which leaves the Elizabethan Bar at 1:30pm.