Cowie marks returns to Fraserburgh fold

Mark Cowie made his return last weekend.
Mark Cowie made his return last weekend.

Midfield Cowie brother, Mark, returned to Fraserburgh on Saturday after leaving the game midway through the last campaign to focus on work commitments.

Now, a change in circumstances has allowed the central midfielder to make his return to the Bellslea squad, running out against Peterhead for their first game of the pre-season last weekend.

“I’m back for good,” he told us.

“Kris [Hunter] phoned me the other week and asked if I’d come back. My job changed again, I’m back on-shore, so I wasn’t going to sit at home when I could be here.”

Cowie will be joined by his younger brother, Ryan, at the Burgh, the latter having cemented himself as the first-choice left-back at the Bellslea since his brother’s departure.

Praising his sibling in that effort, Mark commented: “Ryan’s really starting to make a name for himself in the Highland League just now.”

Cowie was not able to make a large enough impact on his return to turn around a 2-0 deficit at the Balmoor, however.

“In the first-half, I think Peterhead started better obviously.

“Second-half, the changes started coming, slowing the game down. They made five changes at once, I think, we made a change what seemed like every two minutes, so the game kind of got stopped.

“But it’s just all about getting fitness at this stage, it’s not about results.

“This kind of game, it’s all about one man, really, and that’s Graeme [Sharp]. To do 10 years at a club, I think he deserves to play and get a testimonial.

“It’s not a bad score,” he added.

“I think we did ourselves justice.

Hunter, meanwhile, welcomed Cowie’s return. He said: “He’ll be a massive signing for us.

“It is my worry in the middle of the park that we need somebody with a bit of experience, an old head, in there just to guide the young ones along.

“It’s great that he’s back.”