Deveronvale seeks young development squad

Deveronvale FC are having three open days for kids born in 2003.

All 2003 kids are invited to attend the open days where after week three, a squad will be picked and formed to be part of a Deveronvale Development squad where they will receive quality training through the club’s fully qualified coaches.

This is an added extra on top of Club Football and will not take the kids away from their clubs and their commitment to where they play at present.

The club are looking for a definite commitment, however, for and after the three open/trial days to meet once a week to develop their skills,knowledge and understanding of the game and to ease the squad into the integration to the 11 aside game.

The open/trial days will be held at Duff House Grounds, Banff, on:

Saturday, May 17, from 1pm to 3pm;

Saturday, May 24, from 10am to 12noon; and

Saturday, May 31, from 10am to 12noon.

Commenting, Kevin Stewart said: “I would encourage all kids who are in Primary 6 and born 2003 to attend the 3 open days.

“The development of the youngsters is very important and although this age group are a year away from the start of 11 aside we feel it’s important to get them together now to build, develop and grow as a group.”

Anyone requiring any further information can contact Kevin Stewart on 07944468921 or email the group on