Football pavilion work going well

Ongoing work at the pavilion beside the tennis courts has been hailed a ‘success’ by a local councillor.

Sunday, 22nd April 2012, 9:01 am

Cllr Ian Tait met with many groups about what to do with the pavilion as it was damaged and badly vandalised. He then helped in the negotiation of transferring the pavilion from the council to Maconachie Road Football Development group (MRFD).

Members of MRFD themselves are doing work to get the pavilion to a high quality of standard to benefit many youngsters and footballers in the community.

Cllr Ian Tait said: “Some time ago, the footballers came to me to ask if I could do something about the lack of good facilities for them in the town. I met representatives from the different clubs and I felt they had a good case.

“I asked the footballers to consider taking over the old pavilion at the tennis courts. The building was being vandalised and money was in the budget to demolish it but I proposed that the money should instead be used to repair the building and then it could be transferred across to the footballers.

“The council put on a new roof and did other necessary repairs. Then finally we managed to obtain all necessary permission and the building has now been formally transferred by lease to MRFD.

“If you go down past it you will see a lot of work going on. I managed to get some extra money for them and that has helped them along too. I approached Messrs Gray and Adams for help through James Gray and he generously donated a large quantity of high quality materials.

“Transferring the building will mean the footballers will have their own headquarters and will have the use of several changing rooms, showers and toilets all situated beside the pitches they use. I would like to pay tribute to the tremendous expertise and ability of Norman Reid and to the boundless enthusiasm of Martin Buchan both of MRFD and who are slaving away to work at this building with others practically every time I pass it.

“ I am delighted at how this project has turned out and has been a success because all of us worked together. I would like to thank all the officials and the Feuars Managers and the footballers for the cooperation they have given to me in this project.”