Hale of a time

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Fraserburgh Football Club have said goodbye to one of their leading players, winger Allan Hale, the 24-year-old moving with immediate effect to North Juniors Superleague side Maud.

Hale, who had scored 12 times for Fraserburgh last season in the Highland League, is leaving the Broch to take up the role of co-manager, with Gary Mann, at the Pleasure Park outfit.

In accepting the role, Hale has become the youngest manager in the Superleague.

Having played in over 220 games for the Broch, Hale will be sorely missed by fans as he makes the move to follow in the steps of manager Kris Hunter, Hunter having started his own management career at Maud. Speaking to the Fraserburgh Herald, Hale said that he had always fancied a career in management, saying it was an opportunity that he “could not turn down.”

“The people who know me best knew that management was something I was always going to do, so when the opportunity was presented I decided to go for it.

“It was a tough decision to leave the Broch because I have been there seven years and enjoyed every second of it, but, as explained, the opportunity was too good to refuse and now I look forward to the challenge ahead of me,” he added.

Hale, who leaves the Broch after capturing the Aberdeenshire Shield, will want to waste little time in converting his success at Fraserburgh to long-term glory at Maud.

“We have really big plans for the club,” he said.

“Everything is in place for Maud to be successful as they have one of the best playing surfaces in the division, excellent facilities and an ambitious board.

“The current squad are of a good standard and, with a few additions, we aim to challenge for a top six position next season.

“The long term goal is to challenge for the Superleague title, and we aim to do that within three years.

“With the things we aim to introduce to the club, we feel we can go on and become successful at the club and we will be working hard to achieve our goals.”

Looking back on his career with the Broch, Hale added: “I want to thank everyone who has supported me through the last seven years at the Broch. They are the best club in the Highland League and I supported them as a child, so to have played for them for the last seven years has been a great achievement.

“I owe Charlie Duncan and the previous coaching team for giving me my opportunity to play Highland League football and I have privileged to have played under the best manager to ever manage in the Highland League (Duncan) and also the best manager currently in the Highland League (Hunter).”

Hale added that he expected Fraserburgh to win the title with the next two years, saying that he will still be down to support the team whenever he can.