Hunter has no complaints with game abandonment

Russell McBride and Kris Hunter on the pitch before kick-off.
Russell McBride and Kris Hunter on the pitch before kick-off.

Fraserburgh Football Club’s manager, Kris Hunter, says he has no complaints over the game against Cove Rangers being called off.

Speaking to us immediately after the abandonment on Saturday afternoon, Hunter said that both sides were in agreement that the conditions were unplayable.

Hunter said: “I think, defensively, we’ve been sound up to now.

“When you look at it, when you walk across the park, the conditions have played a big part in the way both teams tried to play.

“We couldn’t get into a rhythm with the way the park was.

“It’s the correct decision, but I think it shouldn’t have started. There was puddles on the park at half-time and both dugouts were in agreement that it was never going to last 90 minutes with the way it was.

“It was getting dangerous for the players, the ball was sticking and when you can’t make passes and people can’t run with the ball then it’s pointless going on.”

Fraserburgh had been trailing 2-0 before referee Morag Pirie called the game off, the first goal coming in controversial fashion after Burgh ‘keeper Paul Leask looked to have escaped punishment for handling outside the box.

Hunted commented: “I was more interested in the second ball, but everyone says he was about five yards out, so we got a wee bit of a break with that.

“That’s just football. When he comes out, it’s just a reaction. You never know if you’re in the box or not.”

Fraserburgh will have a chance to replay the game at the Bellslea in the New Year, their first fixture of 2014 being the reverse game.

Hunter told us that he has no plans to change his side drastically based on the performance on Saturday.

“When you look at things, we’ve had a lot of people in their beds with the flu and a couple boys have been sick.

“We’ll probably look at it and see who’s fit and who’s trained this week,” he explained.