Hunter hits out at consistency critics

Scott Barbour celebrates a goal.
Scott Barbour celebrates a goal.

Burgh manager Kris Hunter has this week hit out at detractors who claim consistency woes will continue to cost Fraserburgh Football Club trophies.

Reacting to suggestion, Hunter has highlighted the club’s consistent haul of Cup silverware in previous Highland League seasons, saying that the clubs who finish above them are also spending more money for their success.

“We’re a club that builds from youth up. People are probably quite right in saying we’re inconsistent, but so was every other team last year apart from Brora.”

He added, however, it was annoying to hear people put down the club.

“It does annoy me because, in the last 20 years, Fraserburgh has always been a team that have won trophies.

“We’ve always been up there challenging and it’s always teams that have had bigged financial power that have finished above us.

“We always still like to win cups and win trophies and challenge for leagues. We’ve always been able to compete on that front.

“There’s other teams that have spent money upon money upon money to achieve nothing near as much as Fraserburgh has.

“For people to say we’ve underachieved, I think we’ve probably overachieved over the last 20 years.

“Up until last season we had a trophy in the cabinet every season. A lot of clubs would be biting your hand off to do that.

“We finished fifth last year, four points off of second place, but you look at Brora, you look at Inverurie, you look at Formartine, you look at Nairn and then you look at us. If that’s underachieving, then, to me, a lot of people are speaking rubbish because that’s all teams that have boughten players every season. What have they achieved more than us? Four points, one point, two points.

“My achievement is putting a group of young players through every year, year in year out, seeing players like Scott Barbour develop into one of the best strikers the Highland League will see.

“That’s been the case for the last 15-20 years at Fraserburgh.”