Hunter praises comeback spirit

Fraserburgh beat Inverurie Loco Works 4-2.
Fraserburgh beat Inverurie Loco Works 4-2.

Fraserburgh Football Club manager Kris Hunter has praised his side’s efforts in their four-goal comeback against Inverurie Loco Works last week.

The Burgh had been 2-0 down at half-time before a Hunter teamtalk and changes to the team saw the Bellslea side thrill a home crowd to progress in the Aberdeenshire Cup.

“We came back well. I think we were hard done by to be 2-0 down,” Hunter told us.

“It was two bad goals, and it’s been highlighted that it was two mistakes by the goalkeeper.

“Football-wise, it was probably the sharpest we’ve been since pre-season. I think it knocked the stuffing out of them for a wee while, so it was good to get them in at half-time and get their confidence up.

“We had to to change Scotty [Cowe] out and get Joe [Barbour] on, and I thought the team showed a lot of character to get the equaliser and then get the goal.

“Even when we went down to 10 men, I thought we still showed a lot of character about us. It took a lot of effort from the players.

“It shows the character of the team.”

Hunter added on Cowe, who found himself benched for the following Highland League game against Rothes, that the goalkeeper has gotten over his mistakes.

“At the end of the day, everybody makes mistakes.

“He’s got punished for two mistakes, but it’s how you react. He didn’t react very well to the first one, but he’s gotten over it.

“There’s a lot more high -profile goalkeeper that see making mistakes, in the World Cup and things like that - he’s only human.

“It was two bad mistakes, but he’s held his hands up and he’s honest enough to admit it’s two howlers.

“We’ve all been there, and it doesn’t help with people getting on to him because he can’t change it.”

The 22-year-old former Aberdeen youth player, Cowe, had impressed in pre-season and in the Highland League games he played before the Inverurie win, breaking his way into the first-team at the Bellslea at the end of last season.