Hunter reflects on the final day of the season

PA Bruce Vs. Strathspey Thistle.
PA Bruce Vs. Strathspey Thistle.

Jim Adams was warmly remembered last Saturday as the Burgh beat Strathspey at Bellslea Park, the stand officially opening under the former chairman’s name.

Current manager Kris Hunter, who played under Jim, reflected on the important day for the club after witnessing his side ending the season with a 6-2 victory.

We were just interested in winning the game for the importance of finishing as high up in the league as possible and for the special day for Jim Adams and his family with the naming of the stand,” he said.

Plans had been in motion to recognise the contribution Jim Adams had made after he sadly passed earlier this season, the flag at the Bellslea flying at half-mast on the day of his death as a mark of respect.

Back in January, present chairman of Fraserburgh FC Finlay Noble had said: “We just thought it would be right for the club to recognise his involvement here, because, certainly back in the late 70s, it’s well documented the club was going to fold.

“Jimmy always maintained that we should all be together as one, and that’s absolutely right. You see other clubs that don’t allow directors and committee on the bus, that’s not the way it’s done here - it’s little legacies he put in place that he probably didn’t realise he was doing,” he added.

Hunter also paid tribute to the supporters, saying: “Our supporters have been great this season, and it’s good, in the last home game of the season, to get a win in front of them.

“We appreciate all the support, they’ve been great for us.”

The League now over, Hunter will have time to reflect on what has been a fantastic season for both the club itself and its fans, from the highs of the Scottish Cup to, once again, proving that finances are only part of what makes a team successful.

“I think it’s been an excellent season with where we’ve finished.

“We went through a sticky patch at the start of the season, when we dropped points, but we went on a fantastic run which included the Scottish Cup, nine wins on the bounce in the League, and I think the players sometimes don’t believe how good a team they are on their day.

“We’ve finished above teams that, in my view, should be finishing above us with the financial power they’ve got, but it shows a lot about this club and the players we’ve got.”

Fraserburgh Football Club finished the Highland League season in fifth place with a goal difference of +45 and with 75 points registered. They lost nine games, drew two, and won 23.

Top scorer for the season was Scott Barbour (38).