I will appeal sending off says boss

Fraserburgh will scratch their heads and think themselves unlucky this week, following their defeat to Inverurie Loco Works in the Highland League Cup.

Not only because, just three days earlier, they had a victory under their belts over Inverurie, but because of the manner in which their loss came about.

Some 70 minutes in, the referee having awarded the Locos a free-kick, Broch boss Kris Hunter was sent to the stands - furiously.

The Fraserburgh manager, however, told the Fraserburgh Herald that he intends to appeal his sending off in Glasgow this month.

Speaking after the game, Hunter said: “It’s frustrating to get sent to the stands. We had decisions going against us all day, but we’re definitely appealing the ban. We’re going down to Glasgow against it.

“We have a great case and plenty of witnesses.

“I may miss one game, but I just want to clear my name of any wrong-doing,” added Hunter.

On the game itself, Hunter said: “We played nowhere near our standards. They were not doing themselves justice.”

Speaking on the Aberdeenshire Shield, a competition that Hunter has previously won with old side Turriff United, the former striker reflected on the journey he has taken the Broch on.

“We’ve done really well to make it this far.

“We’ve played probably the biggest teams in the league to make it to the final, teams who consistently finish in the top six.

“Whether we win or lose, we’ll try and get players to achieve as much as they can in their careers.

“It’s something you need to get into players, to continue to do well in seasons to come,” Hunter said.

In the meantime, Fraserburgh will be on the road for the third game in a row, something that Hunter admits is a problem, but was confident that his side has it in them to get a result.

“It is difficult, but Lossiemouth are a good team on their on patch, too.

“You just have to take these away games as they come, and if we turn up as the team that we know we are, and to the standard that we can do, we are definitely one of the best teams in the league.”

A win against Lossiemouth will not see Fraserburgh rise up the table, the Broch occupying fourth spot at present, but will halt rivals Lossiemouth’s climb up the Highland League Table.