Leask proves catalyst in getting the win

Paul Leask flies to make a save against Edinburgh City.
Paul Leask flies to make a save against Edinburgh City.

Fraserburgh Football Club’s manager Kris Hunter has this week spoken on the fine form of his number one, Paul Leask, and his contribution in securing a memorable second round win in the Scottish Cup.

Leask, who has made the number one shirt his own since the departure of Billy Gordon from between the sticks, had made several key stops in the second round replay at Bellslea, several of which would prove key in the Broch’s win over Edinburgh City, the game ending 2-0 to Fraserburgh.

His manager, Hunter, said: “The save from the free-kick was probably the catalyst for us to go on and get our goal, because it was a tremendous save.

“If that went in, we would have probably found it hard to get back into the game because Edinburgh were well organised and weren’t giving a lot away.

“We would have been chasing the game,” he added.

Hunter continued: “I think he was due to give us that performance after his performance on Saturday,” the Broch having drawn 4-4 the Saturday prior to Edinburgh.

Goalscorer William West also drew praise from the player-turned-manager, Hunter commenting: “He was struggling a wee bit in the first-half, and we were contemplating taking him off, but we decided to change him and put him up-front and it worked well.

“He was a different player in the second-half.”

Hunter was concerned, however, that the attacked may be suffering from an illness, the player seemingly losing energy in games.

“Whether it’s an illness or something we need to get to, the club doctor is going to have a look at it and see if we can get to the back of it because he just seems to lose energy too often.

“It’s not the fact that he’s not fit, he’s training every day,” Hunter added.

West had picked up the man of the match award for the game after scoring a second-half brace, rounding the goalkeeper for his first before heading in from close range for the Broch’s second.