Local pair launch bid to bring World Cup to Scotland

James Watt and Martin Dickie launch 'Vote Sepp'.
James Watt and Martin Dickie launch 'Vote Sepp'.

Fraserburgh pair James Watt and Martin Dickie have launched an ambitious new product in an effort to bring the World Cup to Scotland.

The co-founders of craft brewing giant BrewDog have recently launched their latest beer, ‘Vote Sepp’ in the hope of getting the nod to host the competition in 2022.

“Vote Sepp marks the official launch of our unofficial bid for Scotland to host the World Cup 2022,” said James.

He adds: “We know the event was awarded to Qatar, but once President Blatter has a sip of this incorruptible hibiscus wit beer, we’re sure he’ll come around to our way of thinking.

“There are so many benefits to hosting it in Scotland.

“Unlike Qatar, there would be no concerns over people overheating during the summer in Scotland and with the hosts guaranteed a place in the tournament, we could finally see the Scots make an impact.”

While they wait for a response from FIFA, the brewery has sent a case of ‘Vote Sepp’ to the Mr Blatter, FIFA’s President, in Zurich, along with an invitation to discuss their bid at the BrewDog bar in Sao Paulo, which opened in January this year.

James continued: “We’d like to extend an invitation to Mr Blatter and his associates for a meeting at our Sao Paulo bar whilst they are in Brazil, to discuss the bid over a few bottles of Vote Sepp.

“We have a special back room where we can conduct our business in private. We won’t be disturbed.

“BrewDog is built on integrity and passion, and since we launched in 2007 we have been sticking two fingers up to the institutions that threaten those values.

“Whether it is corrupt establishments controlled by greedy gatekeepers, policies that threaten civil liberties, or the stranglehold the mega breweries have had on beer production over the last 50 years, we’ve always aimed to put the embarrassing status quo under scrutiny. Vote Sepp is part of that tradition.”

BrewDog is currently trying to gain support for its bid across social media using the hashtag #beerbribes.