New kit for Under 16s

Link-Up Under 16s were given new home, away and training kits ahead of a game with Turriff’s Under 16s last weekend, during a fun day organised by the players’ parents.

The team’s new home kit was donated to the side by Excelsior Fishing Co., Fraserburgh.

The Under 16s’ away kit, meanwhile, was handed over to the team by J Fenty Insurance Services, Fraserburgh.

The team will also have new training equipment, including footballs and training jackets, which was given to the team by Ocean Fish Selling Co. Limited, Fraserburgh.

Speaking on behalf of the coaching staff of the Under 16s team (Norman McIntosh, John Taylor, Derek Richardson and Scott Morgan), Gordon Cruickshank wished to thank all of the team’s sponsors for the donations, as well as the coaches themseelves, the parents who helped organise the fun day last weekend, and the team’s players.

Link-Up Under 16s would go on to beat Turriff Under 16s 5-2.