Old Firm clash in the Broch

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Almost £4000 was raised in a Broch Old Firm friendly game played in the memory of a local Celtic supporter who died of a brain tumour last year.

James ‘Sud’ Sutherland died in March 2015, aged 51, after being diagnosed with cancer at the end of 2014.

The game took place on Sunday, December 27th at Kessock Park and kicked off at 1pm.

Celtic won 4-1 after Rangers had taken an early lead.

Sud’s son, Stuart, scored Celtic’s fourth goal.

Event organiser Norman Reid said the game will now be an annual event, as they raised £3803.09 for Fraserburgh Lifeboat, which Suds’ family is heavily involved in.

Mr Ried commended the Rangers players for their contribution.

“The Rangers lads really played their part and a lot of credit must go to their organisation as well as the donations from locals who turned out,” he said.

Suds was a founding member of the well established Buchan Bhoys Celtic Supporters Club and had followed the club far and wide for over 35 years.

Mr Reid added: “He had been going down to Glasgow from when he was about 14 or 15 with a few boys from the Broch to watch Celtic.”

Local Rangers and Celtic games had previously happened annually, but none have taken place in the past 25 years - until the recent game.

Mr Reid commented: “We had always spoken about it, but we never got going. We still have a trophy for it.

“There’s not really enough of this type of thing happening - people die and they get forgotten about.

“It’s not until you start going to funerals of guys the same age as you that you think that everyday is a blessing.”

Discussing the charity donations, he said: “We’re carrying on the Celtic tradition of fundraising and giving money to local charities.”

He added there was a crowd of ‘around 300’ at the game, it was played in good spirits and referee Kenny Milne had little to do.

There was post-match refreshments at the Galleon.