‘This is for the whole town’

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Fraserburgh manager Mark Cowie admits he has one of the toughest decisions to make in his career when he chooses the squad to line up against Rangers on Sunday.

With a squad of 20 senior players fit for the game, Cowie knows that he will have to disappoint a few when he picks the team to face the Glasgow giants.

He said: “The hard bit of being the manager is making these difficult decisions, but at the end of the day that’s what I’m paid for and it’s why I have this job.

“Football is tough, I’ve got 20 fit in the squad, only 18 of them will be stripped and only a maximum of 14 will actually kick a ball.

“The guys understand it, I’ve got a tough decision to make but I’ve had tough decisions before with this club and I’ve been able to make them. All the guys respect the position I’m in and will they will respect the decision in the end.”

In last weekend’s match, the Broch drew 2-2 away to Inverurie Locos and Cowie was yet again pleased with the character his players showed not just in that match but in the training sessions as of late.

“People probably won’t believe me but, with the character of the players here, training has been the exact same tempo and work rate.

“A lot of people questioned the Inverurie performance, thinking the players might hold back and not go in to tackles in case they get injured but it’s been quite the opposite, they have worked harder and really knocked their pan in that game.

“The only thing that has been different is the physio has had a quieter week than normal, nobody wants to show they’re carrying a niggle or a strain.”

As well as praising his players, the Broch boss is also delighted with the way the backroom staff and directors have gone about preparing for the game.

“The club has quite rightly gone about things, they have highlighted the people who go every week and made sure they are at the game.

“The sponsors lounge at Lossiemouth was full and those supporters have been told they are getting a tickets.

“If you’re good enough to pay £60 to come and watch us play Lossiemouth then you’re good enough to come watch us play Rangers.

“You can see how excited the town is, the windows are all black and white and everyone is getting involved which is great.

“A lot of people out there in the community don’t realise how much work the club have put in to getting this game at Fraserburgh.

“There were a lot of improvements needed to make sure this game went ahead at Bellslea.

“It’s a testament to the club. We could have moved the game and gone to Peterhead or Aberdeen or even as far a field as Montrose and got a double or treble capacity and made more money but that’s not what Finlay believes in, it’s not what I believe in and it’s not what the rest of the directors believe in.

“This is not just a day for the football club it is a day for the whole town.”