West says he always thought it would be a tough game

Having now scored four goals in each of their last three games, Fraserburgh’s trip to Edinburgh could have seen the Broch return with a third round tie in the bag.

As it was, the long trip South had perhaps played its part in leaving them wanting, Edinburgh City coming from behind to even the game at 4-4, an eight-goal thriller that will be fondly remembered by the city club for some years to come.

Broch supporters, however, will be left wondering how the win evaded a side in such good goalscoring form.

William West, who has now scored three goals in three games for the Bellslea club, spoke to us immediately after the full-time whistle.

The attacker, who is often at the fore of Broch chances, was at a loss to describe the draw.

“We probably deserved it. We were really poor today,” he said, summing up the Broch performance as “shocking”.

He continued: “There wasn’t a lot of communication today, the whole team couldn’t defend.I always thought we were going to be in for a tough game.”

Asked about whether or not the artificial playing surface had played its part, West said: “I would like to blame something, but no. It was taking a while to get used to, but it’s a good surface, actually.

“Really, we never got the ball down at all today - never passed it, never really got a lot of pases stringed together.

“They were knocking the ball about in the second-half and we were just chasing shadows.”

Describing his own performance as a “nightmare”, West added that, for the return fixture at the Bellslea, it would be a matter of keeping spirits up and heading “into that game knowing we’re getting a tough game, and just try and get the win.”

As a result of the replay, to be played at the Bellslea on Saturday, October 12, at 3pm, the Broch’s Highland League duties have been postponed.

They were originally scheduled to play Strathspey Thistle at home.