Work begins to get the Broch its own rugby club

PA Bruce.
PA Bruce.

Local lads Andy Stott and Dean Underwood have undertaken a huge project that could soon see Fraserburgh begin to field its own rugby club.

At present, Brochers keen to play rugby are forced to travel to neighbouring Peterhead to participate in the sport. This could soon change, however, with backing for a local club evidently strong.

Pete Young, regional development manager for Scottish rugby, had held a meeting with Andy and Dean earlier this month to begin work on bringing the sport to Fraserburgh.

Training, meanwhile, for the physically demanding sport has already begun for those interested in taking part, the group of lads who, it is hoped, will form the initial framework for a Fraserburgh club meeting at James Ramsay Park to work on the basics of their game.

Andy, 26, recently spoke with us about the ambitious project, telling us that the group had already made contact with one local councillor about what help was available to them for driving the project on.

The main stumbling block for the future of Fraserburgh Rugby Club would appear to be a lack of facilities capable of meeting their needs. Training in the evenings, the group will require suitable lighting when the winter begins to roll in, and a suitable playing field, James Ramsay Park, while expansive, lacking in rugby posts.

To get involved with the group, visit their Facebook page at