January round-up

Results from Friday January 21, 2011

Elizabethan 12 - 0 Crown, Kenyan 1 -11 Croft, RAFA 11 - 1 Cheers, SPMC 5 - 7 Bellslea Bar, Tudor Bar 5 - 7 Bancar, Croft 9 - 3 Tudor Bar.

180’s G Sutherland (CFT), T Robertson (CFT) x 2, M Kinghorn (TB), P Purves (BC), G Hagen (TB), C Stewart (BB), I Bryce (RAFA), S Michie (CFT), D Hepburn (CR), D Ross (CR).

Highest finish: A Smith (EL 118, G Whyte (TB) 118, I Robertson (TB) 117, C Simpson (BC) 116, G Hagen (TB) 112, D Gordon (CFT) 120, B Cooper (CFT) 106.

Quickest leg; G Whyte (TB) 14 + 150L, S Hastie 150L, C Robertson (EL) 150L, B Cooper (CFT) 150L, C Stewart (BB) 150L, R Duthie (EL) 160L, D Hepburn (CR) 160L, G Milne (EL) 170L, P Cooper 170L, C Simpson (BC) 170L.

Fixtures for Friday January 28, 2011

The Elizabethan Pairs will take place tonight with a 7.30 pm start. All players must be registered for 7.15 pm. Each team must have at least one pair but no more than three pairs.

Their will be a monthly meeting on Tuesday February 1, 2011 with a 7.00 pm start. It will take place in the Bellslea Bar. All singles, doubles and two months 50-50 must be handed in.