Marta-Do Academy puts Broch’s martial artists on map

SUCCESS: The summer camp was a great success for the Marta-Do Academy.
SUCCESS: The summer camp was a great success for the Marta-Do Academy.

Following the success of Marta-Do’s first seminar in January, students got yet another chance to learn from Sifu Wojciech Adamusik, who has trained under and gained some of his qualifications from Sensei Gokor Chivichyan and former Bruce Lee student Grand Master Richard Bustillo.

The summer camp was held at Aden Country Park in August, giving students the opportunity to explore the secrets of Jeet Kune Do, Muay Thai Boxing, Doce Pares and the Hayastan Grappling system, allowing the students to test their knowledge in the skills they learned throughout.

They camped each night and spent every day together, which allowed them the pleasure of getting to know one another and has led to an unbreakable bond within the group.

The summer camp Instructor Sifu Wojciech Adamusik said: “They knew that the more sweat you pour into the training, the less blood you lose in a real fight, but the most important thing is that all students got incredibly close to each other and were hungry for knowledge.”

The hard work paid off for students Kelly Buchan, Magdalena Luszkiewicz and Martin Stephen who gained an orange belt at level six in these fighting styles.

For the first time ever in Scotland, an apprentice instructors black belt was presented to Marta Prusinowska, Marta-Do gym Instructor, awarded by Sifu Adamusik and recognised by the International Martial Arts and Boxing Academy.

Marta-Do student Martin Stephen commented on his experience at the camp: “The summer camp has given me a huge boost as I achieved an orange belt, which I never could have accomplished without the support and encouragement from Sifu Marta and all of my training partners; a passion to further myself has been ignited!”

The future for Marta-Do looks extremely optimistic, with the students having the opportunity to attend a seminar in Poland this November, held by Sifu Adamusik with special guest Grand Master Bustillo, in order to continue their learning and an opportunity to gain promotion.

The gym’s instructor, Marta Prusinowska, will also be attending a conference in the USA held by Grand Master Bustillo and Sensei Gokor Chivichyan in 2013, which will be shared by many other experienced instructors to further their learning in Martial Arts.

Sifu Wojciech Adamusik says: “Now, after all the hard work, we are all awaiting the next events of Seminars and future Camps. It is so nice to know that there are people in Scotland who are willing to learn and develop their ability in the fighting styles that we have practiced. Stay safe and train wise!”

The Marta-Do Academy of Martial Arts is located on Manse Street, Fraserburgh. For more information and to join, contact the academy on telephone number 07936 906 585.