Angling from Delgatie Castle

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What a difference a week makes.

With a slow start this year, activity jumped this week as a milder spell of weather in midweek brought good catches to the bank.

The week started mixed with an annoying breeze persisting for Sunday/Monday with temperatures remaining quite low and then for Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday the temperature rose quite dramatically and the breeze subsided bringing the fish up in the water and leading to an increase in feeding activity.

For the anglers who managed to foresee the level that the fish were feeding at and who presented and retrieved their flies in an attractive fashion, the fishing proved very rewarding. The best recorded catches for the week fell to A Gibson, Gardenstown, 40 fish, (WSW), C Fields, Fraserburgh, 33 fish, (buzzers), A Murray, Gardenstown, 22 fish, (olive fritz).