At last ! Finally good weather for Delgatie anglers

AT LAST there was a good week of settled weather and greatly increased activity on the surface and immediately sub-surface at Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery.

Dry and wet flies reigned supreme and pushed the lure fishers into second place. Klink Hammer and small blacks were dominant on the dry fly arena while wet flies with black/olive patterns with silver were the best catchers among the wet flies.

Messrs Mackay and Davidson, on a day from Inverness enjoyed a successful day with 34 fish all on Bob’s Bits.

Best catches for the week were recorded as R. Davidson of Inverness (18 fish, Bob’s bits); A. Mackay of Inverness (16 fish, Bob’s bits); G. Dewar of Fraserburgh (12 fish, wsw) and P. Cowie of Fraserburgh (nine fish, spider/snatcher).

P. Scott of Fraserburgh, S. Gibson of Falkland and S. MacLean of Fraserburgh all landed seven fish for their efforts.

The weather forecast is distinctly ‘fishy’ for the coming week and it is hoped further good catches can be recorded.

Dalgetie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water where visitors and beginners are welcome. Booking is not necessary and equipment including boats and rods with tackle is available for hire. For further information phone Bob on 07980 999 006.