Bellslea ‘S’ and Legion ease into the finals

Another exciting week of pool was had in the Fraserburgh and District Pool League, courtesty to two Fraserburgh teams going through to the final in two all-or-nothing games.

The Bellslea ‘S’ booked their League cup final place thanks to an 8-2 victory out at the Ark Tigers’.

Their opponents in the final will be the Legion, who eased past the Elizabethan 8-3 on the night to secure the finals fixture.

The Fraserburgh and District League will resume tonight with the following fixtures taking place:

Elizabethan Vs. Bellslea ‘S’;

Bancar Vs. Tudor Bar;

Legion Vs. Ark Tigers.

Every Tuesday, the Bellslea open their doors for the Bellslea Bar Pool Singles League.

Results from Tuesday, March 20, were as follows in the Singles League:Jim Anderson 1-2 Marc McBride;

Scott Stephen [pim] 3-0 Stephen Thomson;

Scott Stephen [pim] 2-1 Stephen Thomson;

John Sutherland 0-3 Brian Smith;

Ron Senior 1-2 Stephen Hendry;

Michael Thomson 0-3 Jamie Whyte;

Stephen Hendry 2-1 Joe Senior;

John Silbergh 0-3 Joe Senior;

Jim Anderson 2-1 Scott Stephen[pim];

Marc McBride 1-2 Stephen Thomson;

Scott Stephen [pim] 1-2 John Sutherland;

Stephen Thomson 2-1 Brian Smith;

Ron Senior 3-0 Michael Thomson;

Stephen Hendry 3-0 Jamie Whyte;

Stephen Hendry 3-0 John Silbergh;

Scott Stephen [pim] 0-3 Marc McBride.

New members are always welcome to take part in the Bellslea Bar Pool Singles League, just arrive at the Bellslea Bar, opposite Bellslea Park, on any Tuesday evening to register for the night’s play before 7:45pm.