Crimond racers show respect for young Keir at latest meet

Action from Crimond 17/05/15
Action from Crimond 17/05/15
  • Another exciting day of racing at Crimond
  • Minutes silence held in memory of 11 year old Keir Miller
  • Mark Mathers wins final in Road Going Saloons category

It was another exciting day of racing at Crimond last weekend as Fraserburgh’s Mark Mathers won the final in the Road Going Saloons category.

Before the action got underway though all drivers, officials and fans observed a minutes silence for Keir Miller the young stock car driver who tragically lost his life last week, the club raised £900 through various means.

Results were:

(Formula 2’s) - Race 1: 1st Blair Anderson Aberdeen, 2nd Albert Smith Crimond, 3rd Mike Philips Alves.

Race 2:1st George McMillan Jnr Glasgow, 2nd Robbie Dawson Aberdeen 3rd Chris Burgyone Falkirk.

Race 3: 1st Chris Burgyone Falkirk 2nd, Robbie Dawson Aberdeen, 3rd Graham Kelly Ellon.

Final: George McMillan Jnr, 2nd Robbie Dawson Aberdeen, 3rd Craig Wallace East Lothain.

Grand National: 1st Robbie Dawson Aberdeen, 2nd Chris Burgyone, Falkirk 3rd Craig Wallace East Lothain.

(Hot Saloons) - Heat 1 1st 11 Scott Forsyth Longside 2nd 67 Cat Murray Mintlaw 3rd John Simpson Mintlaw.

Heat 2: 7 John Simpson Mintlaw, 2nd 11 Scott Forsyth Longside, 3rd 29 Robert Davidson Crimond.

Final: 37 John Simpson Mintlaw, 2nd 99 Ian Garvock Peterhead, 3rd 11 Scott Forsyth Longside.

(Road Going Saloons)

Heat 1: 96 Les Cook, 2nd 81 Edwin Middleton Maud, 3rd 3 James Reid Peterhead.

Heat 2: 2 Paul Noble New Deer. 2nd 95 Peter Marioni Fraserburgh, 3rd 81 Edwin Middleton Maud.

Final: 55 Mark Mathers Fraserburgh, 2nd 2 Paul Noble New Deer, 3rd 95 Peter Marioni Fraserburgh.

(Bangers) - Heat 1: 219 Ryan Farquhar Knockando, 2nd 221 John Riddell Aberchirder, 3rd 229 Sean Riddell Aberchirder.

Heat 2: 222 Colin Riddell Cornhill, 2nd 221 John Riddell Aberchirder, 3rd 224 Liam Shearer Cornhill.

Final: 229 Sean Riddell Aberchirder, 2nd 221 John Riddell Aberchirder, 3rd 231 Colin Paterson MacDuff.

the next meeting will be on Sunday 31 May.