Delgatie Castle Fishery report


This week has witnessed a dramatic increase in fish nubers which have been attributed to the weather conditions.

During the week the daytime temperatures were several degrees higher and reading up to 10 degrees which together with the disappearance of overnight frosts has led to a noticeable rise in water temperature.

With the increase in water temperature the fish have been feeding more activiely and have on occasions risen from the bottom and are accepting lures at higher water levels and occasionally are seen breaking the water surface.

The best recorded catches this week fell to;

A Murray, Gardenstown (several visits), 32 fish, (black, green and pink fritz),

C Field, Fraserburgh, 15 fish, (olive mini WSW), K F raser, Greeness, 14 fish, (orange and olive/red lures),

S McLean, Fraserburgh, 12 fish, (VSA),

C Wiseman, Fraserburgh, 11 fish, (pink lure),

K Maddocks, Aberdeen, 10 fish, (pink bunny leech),

I Burnett, Fraserburgh, 10 fish, (olive WSW, Pink WSW),

L Davidson, Macduff, 8 fish, (cormorant, nomad), J West, Fraserburgh, 8 fish, (cat’’s whiskers, red pink nomad),

M Stewart, Methlick, 7 fish, (olive mini lure).

Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery is a Troutmaster water and is open seven days from 8am til 5pm. Visitors and novices are welcome and booking is not necessary. Boats, rods and tackle are available for hire at the fishery. For up to date information phone Bob on 07980 999 006.