Improvements at Delgatie

THERE was a good week’s fishing at Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery with conditions and catches showing a major improvement in the past few weeks.

Although the fishery does not seperately record ‘wild brownie’ catches, these have increased dramatically with most falling to a sharply retrieved wet fly. Small seems to be the order of the day with CDC, spiders, daddies on size 14/16 being most effective. Dry flies were certainly the order of the week.

Best recorded catches for the week were A. Murray of Gardenstown (11 fish, wet flies/lures); N. Thomson of Turriff (ten fish, CDC and buzzer); M. Ewen jnr of Turriff (nine fish, dry fly); P. Gray of Turriff (eight fish, dry fly); J. West of Fraserburgh (seven fish, dry); J. Mitchell of Gardenstown (seven fish, dry); F. Murray of Buckie (seven fish, wets) and R. Murray of London (seven fish, dry fly).

With Sunday’s rain and the overnight downpour it is expected once the water settles, that a good week’s fishing can be enjoyed.

Delgatie Castle is a Troutmaster water, where visitors and beginners are welcome and all equipment, including boats, rods and tackle is avaialble for hire. . For further information contact Bob on 07980 999 006.