Increase in success

THERE was an increase in angler success this week at Delgatie Castle Trout Fishery, with better numbers being netted.

Most of the fish landed were contacted in the upper layer of the water and very often immediately sub-surface with limited success for the dry fly fisher or the lures on intermediate or sinking lines. This was borne out by angler C. MacAlister from Aberdeen who visited the fishery on Friday evening and Saturday morning for a total of three hours fishing and netted 27 fish to 3.5lb from one spot on the bank.

Other commendable catches were recorded by M. Ewen jnr of Turriff (14 fish, nymphs, blob, hopper); A. Murray of Gardenstown (ten fish, various); P. Cowie of Fraserburgh (nine fish, mini dancer, Diawl Bach); J. Kemp and S. Watson of Fife (15 fish, black green fritz); M. James of Lancaster (eight fish, bibio, Diawl Bach) and E. Quirie of Turriff (eight fish, Ace of Spades).

Saturday rain and further showers on Saturday pm/Sunday am should help feshen the water and the fishery is looking forward to a good week’s sport.

Delgatie Castle is a Troutmaster water.Boats, rods and other tackle is available for hire. For information call 07980 999 006.