International tournament set

The final stages of the Gray & Adams International Pairs Tournament, now in its fifth year, will take place over the weekend of April 13 and 14.

This year, more than 70 pairs teams from around the North-east and as far South as Dundee have played over various qualifying dates for a chance to win.

With a total prize pot of £2,320.00, the final 24 teams are sure to put on a great spectacle as they try to win the top prize!

The format for the tournament has once again been refreshed which has encouraged new and more teams to enter.

On the Saturday, each team will play three high quality games where the winner of each section and the two highest runners up will qualify for the quarter-finals on Sunday morning. The final will be contested at 2pm on Sunday by the two teams who have prevailed from 10 previous games to play in what is sure to be an exciting and entertaining finale.

The tournament committee would like to express its sincere gratitude to Gray & Adams for once again sponsoring this prestigious event, to the program sponsors for their generous contributions and to the players who conitnue to support a local, international tournament.

The final 24 teams are: R Cartney & A Cruickshank (Fraserburgh), K Stephen & W Tulloch (Buchan), M Paterson & D Hay (Buchan), M Brown & R A Brown (Buchan), M Michie & R Clark (Fraserburgh), G Gow (Fraserburgh) & M Stephen (Aberdeen), A Barker & M Stepney (Elgin), J Quinn & C Brunton (Dundee), W McLean & D Leel (Fraserburgh), C Stuart & E Fraser (Turriff), A Thomson & C Milne (Garioch), A Bruce & S Murray (Fraserburgh), I Cartney & S Massie (Fraserburgh), M Menzies & W Menzies (Buchan), G Barclay & D Anderson (Turriff), M Biondi & M Thompson (Dundee), B Buchan & B Smith (Fraserburgh), M Pressley & J Harper (Garioch), S Davidson (Buchan) & D Murray (Fraserburgh), M Ross & K Ross (Inverness), G Buchan & G S Young (Fraserburgh), F Thomson & J J Robertson (Turriff), G Forsyth & G Alexander (Turriff), P Clark & A Paterson (Buchan).

The final 48 players include several Scottish national champions and Scottish internationalists.