James takes title at inaugural Long Drive Championship

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Last Friday the biggest hitters in the area descended upon Dunes Golf Centre for the inaugural North East Scotland Long Drive Championship.

The technology in the Golf Studio at the centre provides highly accurate readings for how far the ball carries through the air and total distance.

The event was open to all, with five categories of entry; Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 16s, Men and Ladies.

In the Under 10s category, Billy Myers was leading for much of the day with 119 yards but was to be beaten by nine year-old Charlie Buchan who shot a fantastic 125 yards - well done Charlie!

In the Under 12s category there was a clear winner as Alex Ritchie blasted his way to a resounding victory, clocking up a whopping 219 yards! Amazing shooting and just goes to show that good technique trumps brute force!

Moving on to the Under 16s, where Euan Barbour was looking good for the victory with 287 yards until Ethan Ross stepped up to the tee. Quite incredibly Ethan racked up 318 yards, not bad for a 15 year-old!

In the Ladies section new golfer Lyn Morrice won with a superb distance of 170 yards!

This was the first time that Lyn had ever hit a golf shot before which makes the achievement perhaps the most impressive of the whole event!

After seeing the comments on Facebook this week it looks like Lyn has got many takers for her prize of a dozen ProV1 but we think she should keep them for when she next plays the game!

Of course we are delighted that Lyn was brave enough to have a go and we hope we can inspire more people to take up the game through next year and beyond!

On to the Men’s section and the event where the biggest hitters make an appearance.

Philip Hastie was the long time leader with 307 yards but this was eclipsed in the early evening by Michael Alexander with 330.5 yards.

However, I gave Michael a curse by suggesting that he wouldn’t be beaten and even took a picture of him with the prize! This of course proved to be premature as within minutes Zander Stephen stepped up and, nursing a bad back, sent one out to 340 yards. He followed this up shortly after with his longest – a shot to 342.15 yards!

Kris Nicol and I also had a go and while I managed 338.50 yards and Kris 340.00 yards this was no match for the eventual winner.

Incredibly James Ritchie clocked up a truly staggering 343.84 yards to take the title as North East Scotland Long Drive Champion 2015!