Junior golfers take the plaudits

Alex Ritchie (third from right) and Joshua Mitchell (on the end, right-hand side) are two up and coming young, Fraserburgh golfers. Alex, 7, and Joshua, 9, both shared first place at the Alford Junior Open.

These 2 youngsters have been playing golf from a very early age, and have entered all of the Paul Lawrie Junior Opens for the under 10 age group this season.

In May, they came in 3rd and 4th, and this month they were delighted to share the top spot.

Alex and Joshua’s main sport is golf, which they both put in a tremendous amount, putting effort and practice into their game, which has already started to pay off.

Their main objective is to have loads of fun playing golf, to meet new friends from all over the North-east, and to play as much competitive golf as they can, which is a great balance, and if a win does happen to come along, then that is a bonus.

I have monitored these two youngsters first hand, and I am delighted with their progress over the past six months.

Alex played for his handicap in November last year, scoring 80, which was a realistic target for him.

Playing continuously through the winter period, his handicap is now 42, which is 38 shots less than when he started, which is an incredible achievement for a 7-year-old.

Joshua’s handicap has also been reduced dramatically, now playing with 33. His target is to get to 28 very shortly, enabling him to compete with the older juniors, the main section for weekly trophies.

These two youngsters are definitely ones to look out for in the future, as their commitment and determination is astonishing.