Karate thriving in Fraserburgh

The karate graduates.
The karate graduates.
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67 karate students from the Satorishido Karate Club in Fraserburgh took part in belt gradings at the club’s headquarters in James Ramsay Park recently.

All students passed and were awarded their new belts, Sensei Albert Ross the head of the Satorishido Karate, told us. He added that he was very impressed with the quality of karate on the day.

He told the Fraserburgh Herald: “We have a great facility to train in.

“The local community has shown a great deal of enthusiasm towards karate and other martial arts in Fraserburgh and continue to give the sport their support.”

Parents of the students watched as the youngsters were put through the syllabus of their belt grade by the various instructors.

“Well done to all the students who did themselves and their club proud on the day,” Mr Ross added.