Potential good news for new Broch rugby club

A training session gets underway at Fraserburgh.
A training session gets underway at Fraserburgh.

Local councillor Brian Topping has begun work to try and find Fraserburgh Rugby Club a home to play their sport.

Fraserburgh’s latest sporting team began the hard work of forming a club earlier this year, when two local men, Dean Underwood and Andy Stott, began attracting interest online.

Since then, the beginnings of the new club have been training at James Ramsay Park, Fraserburgh currently without a rugby pitch.

“I’ve had meetings with the rector at the Academy, I’m trying to get them linked up with the community.

“I’ve also had meetings with the college and the academy to see what help could be given.

“If the school get a team going, maybe this could use their pitch. I think it’s really good to see this new sport starting up,” he added.

Councillor Topping had been speaking at this month’s meeting of the Fraserburgh Community Council.

It was revealed at that meeting that the hope is for the Fraserburgh Rugby Club to, in some capacity, help to train a Fraserburgh Academy team, in turn gaining access to the facilities they would need to play competitive games.