Presentations for motocross stars

Winners at the Buchan Off-Road Motorcycle Club Presentation Night.
Winners at the Buchan Off-Road Motorcycle Club Presentation Night.

The Buchan Off-Road Motorcycle Club held their annual presentation night for the 2012 races at the Ban-Car Hotel, Lonmay recently.

The club would like to say congratulations and well done to all of their riders.

The results were as follows:

• Adult Solo A Motocross Bike: 1 James Barrack, 2 Alan Thain, 3 Neil Barclay, 4 Barry Hendry, 5 Mark Clubb.

• Adult Solo B Motocross Bike: 1 Barry Hendry, 2 Jason Thomson, 3 Gary Forbes, 4 Eddie Gordon, 5 Daniel Irvine, 6 Ross Stammers.

• 125cc Schoolboy Motocross Bike: 1 Sean Greig, 2 Shaun Muir, 3 Euan Firman.

• 85cc Big Wheel Motocross Bike: 1 Tara McLeod.

• 85cc Small Wheel Motocross Bike: 1 Finlay Robertson, 2 Taylor Mair.

• 65cc Motocross Bike: 1 Jake McLeod.

• Auto Motocross Bike: 1 Reece Dawson, 2 Logan Hendry, 3 Scott Cameron, 4 Dayle Robertson, 5 Lana Gordon.

• Adult Quad Bikes: 1 A.J Third, 2 John Peters, 3 Michael Alexander, 4 Mark Angus, 5 James Third.

• 250cc Quad Bike: 1 Neil Cantlay, 2 Jemma Whyte.

• 100cc Geared Quad Bike: 1 Nash Singer, 2 Lawrence Whyte.

• 50-100cc Quad Bike: 1 Thomas Jack.

• 50cc Auto Quad Bike: 1 Rhianna Dawson.

The Club would like to thank all 2012 sponsors who gave so generously and a big thank you to all who gave up their time and skills to ensure that the riders have a great time at the track.

For more information about the club, visit their website at or email the club directly at