Rain fails to materialise as drivers thrill the crowds at Crimond Raceway

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ONCE again the weather was kind to the competitors at Crimond Raceway, with the expected thunder and lightning failing to materialise and only a small rain shower as the meeting came to a close.

The main events of the day were the Brian Jamieson trophies in the Unlimited Bangers and the Paul Anderson trophies in the Road going saloons. The remaining Crimond formulaes were competing for their respective track championships.

The CHAS charity was sponsoring the Stoxkarts, so collection buckets were out around the track for spectators and teams to donate some cash.

ORCI Ministox

Once again the school holidays made sure the meeting was a bit low on car numbers, but the ten cars that were there certainly put on a fine show. There was only one race suspension over the three races, when local driver, James Smith was spun out on turn four and was collected by the oncoming pack of cars and received a hit on the driver’s side of the car.

He was complaining of a sore left shoulder, so he was checked over by the track medical team. Nothing serious was found but he went to the local hospital for a further check-up as a precaution.

Race 1 - 1 Camy Mcgowan, 2 Gemma Russell, 3 Sean Riddell; race 2 - 1 Camy Mcgowan, 2 Ross Smith, 3 Liam Rennie; race 3 - 1 Liam Rennie, 2 Camy Mcgowan, 3 Gemma Russell.


Once again the Brisca F2s were absent due to the European Championships at Northhampton, so spectators had the pleasure of the Stoxkarts for the third successive meeting.

The Stoxkarts were competing for the CHAS charity trophies, with all participating drivers receiving a t-shirt and certificate. There were a few less karts for this meeting due to the holiday season but the six karts on track were using the bumpers when required.

The winning form has certainly left Scott Keith; it took him all his time just to finish a race. He found things wrong with his kart after the last two meetings and fixed them, but since then he’s just been going around in circles. Race 1 - 1 Neill Kitchener, 2 James Robertson, 3 Lee Anderson; race 2 - 1 Lee Anderson, 2 James Robertson, 3 Neill Kitchener; race 3 - CHAS Trophies - 1 James Robertson, 2 Neill Kitchener, 3 Lee Anderson.

Crimond Saloonstox

Once again these full contact formulae lived up to its usual ‘put the bumper in’ type of driving.

One or two drivers were a bit unhappy with events during the afternoon’s racing, but it all got sorted out in the end. There has been a bit of niggling getting into the racing over the last few meetings, so a Saloonstox drivers meeting was held before the first Saloonstox race to sort it out. Whether it will make any difference or not will become apparent over the next few meetings.

Ally Strachan continues to take advantage of his lower grading for the month of July with another dominant performance. Things will be a lot different in August though when he will be back to a red roof grade again.

Race 1 - 1 Ally Strachan, 2 Scott Ruxton, 3 Nicky Bonner; race 2 -1 Ally Strachan, 2 Paul Harris, 3 Nicky Bonner; race 3 - 1 Ally Strachan, 2 Paul Harris, 3 Bruce Urquhart.

Hot saloons

Low car numbers are not a usual problem for this formulae, but again the holiday season probably was why the cars were missing. A bit too much contact in this non-contact formulae saw one or two drivers on the receiving end of a race ban, but generally the drivers do behave themselves.

Race 1 - 1 Andrew Webster, 2 Dave Largue, 3 Ewan Maitland; race 2 - 1 Andrew Webster, 2 Kyle Slaven, 3 Gordon Alan; race 3 - 1 Dave Largue, 2 Andrew Webster, 3 Andy Gray.

Outlaw Hot Rods

Spectators saw the return of the two Mini Hot rods for Sunday’s meeting. The Scottish National Hot Rod Championship series for the 2012 World final is about to start at one of the other two tracks in Scotland, Lochgelly in Fife, with one or two of our other drivers interested in competing for a chance to be one of the four cars from Scotland that qualify for the World final at Ipswich in July 2012.

Crimond driver Graham Gordon has just competed in the last series and was in the 2011 World final, where he started and finished the big race and went on to win the revenge world final race.

Race 1 - 1 John Buchan, 2 Gary Ingram, 3 Graham Mcwilliam; race 2 - 1 John Buchan, 2 Gary Ingram, 3 Graham Mcwilliam; race 3 - 1 John Buchan, 2 Gary Ingram, 3 Andrew Chalmers..

Road Going saloons

The Paul Anderson trophies were up for grabs, with the top three points scorers over the days racing receiving the trophies.

There is a stipulation at this meeting from the Anderson family, that any trophy winners must have competed at three previous race meetings of the 2011 season. This did not present any problems with the eventual trophy winners, as they were all regular racers in this formula. The chance of a trophy certainly makes the drivers try a bit harder, but all races went without any incidents.

Race 1 - 1 Calum Reid, 2 Leslie Cook, 3 Edwin Middleton; race 2 - 1 Calum Reid, 2 Edwin Middleton, 3 Leslie Cook; race 3 - 1 Calum Reid, 2 Gordon Reid, 3 Edwin Middleton.

Unlimited Engine Size Bangers

This was the first meeting of the 2011 season for the U/L Bangers and with the Brian Jamieson Trophies for the first three in the first race of the day, a large field of cars was expected and did appear.

Some 30 cars were on track for the first race which made the track a bit busy sometimes. There were a few blockages during the race but they were soon cleared by the cars.

By the time of the final Banger race of the meeting, not many cars were left running but no doubt they will be all fixed for the next meeting where they will be competing in the first race of that meeting for the Derek Dawson trophies, so plenty of Action guaranteed.

Race 1 - Brian Jamieson trophies - 1 Paul Noble, 2 John Riddell, 3 Bruce Panton; race 2 - 1 Bruce Panton, 2 Zak Murdoch, 3 Gavin Davis; race 3 - 1 James Geddes, 2 Eric Dalgarno, 3 John Riddell.

Ladies Races

Ladies Saloonstox - 1 Ashleigh Simpson, 2 Rachel Bonner, 3 Simone Riddell.

Ladies Hot saloons - 1 Simone Riddell, 2 Sarah Coutts, 3 Jennie Murray.

The next meeting at Crimond Raceway is on Sunday, July 3t, start time 1pm. The U/L Bangers will be competing for the Derek Dawson Trophies and there will be the return of the Brisca F2s and all other supporting formulaes.