Results from around the greens


The Kirriemuir Bowling Club Ladies’ Section took part in the Broughty Classic on Saturday, September 21.

Kirrie Ladies’ champion Wilma Burness lost against the Tayside Ladies’ singles winner Margaret Gray 21-10.

On Monday, September 23, the winners of the afternoon triples competition were: Margaret Pollock, Marian Brown and Jean Wilkie.

Prizes were donated and presented by May Ironside.

The closing day competitions were held on Thursday, September 26.

The results of the president v president game were as follows (vice-president skips first): Elizabeth Clyne 9, Wilma Burness 18; Chris Charlton 6, Sheena Reid 16; Jackie Gibson 7, Margaret
Scott 13.

The president won by 25 shots overall.

Highest up rink for president: Margaret Pollock, Margaret Wilson and Sheena Reid (skip).

Prizes were donated and presented by vice-president Elizabeth Clyne.

Highest up rink for vice-president: Julie Grant, Jean Sutherland, Marian Watson and Jackie Gibson (skip).

Prizes were donated and presented by Jean Sutherland.


Canmore’s closing game was finished with a win for the president over the vice-president by a score of 134 shots to 115.

The results were: L. Lindsay 24, S. Hay 8; W. B. Stewart 18, G. Anderson 15; Gr. Watson 17, G. Leith 23; G. B. Edwards 15, A. Carnegie 21; D. Stephen 20, R. Smith 13; D. Bruce 24, G. M. Stewart 15; B. Markowski 16, L. Ramsay 20.


On Saturday, Forfar ended their outdoor season with president Mike Blackie’s team playing past president Doug Robertson’s team.

Despite three of the president’s rinks winning, past president Doug Robertson’s team edged the victory by 76 shots to 70 shots.

Results were as follows: M. Blackie 9, D. Robertson 22; P. McGinnis 22, A. Yardy 3; D. Cook 16, C. Napier 11; D. Thomson 14, I. Webster 10; F. Wilson 30, K. Alexander 9.