Roarin’ in the gloamin!

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A RATHER wet day greeted the drivers at Crimond Raceway on Sunday, May 8, Just as the drivers thought it would dry up for the afternoon the rain came on even worse and continued till around 4.30pm.

Due to an unfortunate meeting date clash with Cowdenbeath, there were no visiting Ministox drivers, so for the first time in a long while, only local drivers competed for the race winning trophies.

All junior drivers should be commended for handling the very wet on track conditions.

Race 1 - 1 Ross Smith, 2 Shelley Taylor, 3 Rossa Becci; race 2 – 1 Ross Smith, 2 Shelley Taylor, 3 Sean Riddell; race 3 – 1 Ross Smith, 2 Shelley Taylor, 3 Sean Riddell.

A clean sweep for Longhaven driver Ross, he seemed to revel in the wet conditions.

In the National Brisca Formulae twos, a surprise visit by current National points champion Gordon Moodie helped bolster the F2 numbers, but his normal winning ways were not on show with lower race positions for most of the races.

Race 1 - White & Yellow grade drivers only - 1 Roy Anderson, 2 Barry Neil, 3 Derek Ashcroft; race 2 – 1 Roy Anderson, 2 Graham Kelly, 3 Stuart Kelly; race 3 – 1 Roy Anderson, 2 Graham Kelly, 3 Matt McPherson; race 4 – 1 Graham Kelly, 2 Barry Neil, 3 Matt McPherson; race 5 – Robbie Dawson, 2 Stuart Kelly, 3 Gordon Moodie.

In the Crimond Saloonstox, car numbers were a bit lower for this meeting, but there was still plenty of action in this full contact formulae during the afternoon.

After his spectacular high-flying act at the April 24 meeting, Mark Bonner was still recovering and decided to miss this meeting, but no doubt will be back in a fortnight.

Race 1 – 1 Paul Harris, 2 Graham Smith, 3 Nicky Bonner; race 2 – 1 Graham Smith, 2 Andy Bonner, 3 Scott Ruxton; race 3 – 1 Graham Smith, 2 Andy Bonner, 3 Nicky Bonner.

It was almost a hat-trick for Graham Smith, but he could not match his son’s clean sweep in the Ministox. They must be used to the wet conditions at Longahaven !!

In the Crimond Hot Saloons car numbers were a bit down on the last few meetings, but it did not deter from the excellent racing.

Some drivers seemed to forget that it was wet and slippy and continued to drive at normal driving speeds, not a good idea. There were a few bent cars going home at the end of the day !

Race 1 – 1 Billy Tosh, 2 Richard Harding, 3 Andy Gray; race 2 – 1 Billy Tosh, 2 Ally Todd, 3 Mike Massie; race 3 – 1 Richard Harding, 2 Gordon Allan, 3 Kyle Slaven.

Richard Harding was the highest point’s scorer of the day, so took home the Lachie Robertson trophy.

In the Outlaw Hot Rods, car numbers are still low in this formulae, but Jason Macdonald returned after his recent marriage and was soon back to his usual form with his re-vamped VW Sirocco.

Race 1 – 1 James Gray, 2 Jim Cowie, 3 Graham Mcwilliam; race 2 – 1st John Buchan, 2 Jason McDonald, 3 James Gray; race 3 – 1 John Buchan, 2 James Gray, 3 Jim Cowie.

There were plenty of cars as per usual in the 1400 Bangers which meant plenty of mayhem and that was how it was. Cars spinning out all over the place in this contact formulae, with the wet conditions making things even more tricky than usual.

Race 1 – 1 John Riddell, 2 Allan Douglas, 3 Bruce Panton; race 2 – 1 John Riddell, 2 Paul Harris, 3 Martin Meldrum; race 3 – 1 Lenny Youngson, 2 Martin Meldrum, 3 Scott Paterson.

In the Road Going Saloons, the wet conditions gave a lower than normal turnout of cars, but most handled the wet conditions with only a few spin outs during the races.

Race 1 – 1 Gordon Reid, 2 Leslie Cook, 3 Edwin Middleton; race 2 – 1 Gordon Middleton, 2 Gordon Reid, 3 Leslie Cook; race 3 – 1 Leslie Cook, 2 Gordon Reid, 3 Edwin Middleton.

The Ladies Saloonstox race saw the return of past champion Michelle Smith and she continued from where she left off with a race win, although she was almost caught by last year’s champion Rachel Bonner.

1 Michelle Smith, 2 Rachel Bonner, 3 Simone Riddell.

The Ladies Hot Saloon race was low on numbers due to damaged cars from the men’s race not being repaired in time, so only the four cars took to the start.

1 Simone Riddell, 2 Kim McDonald, 3 Alma Gemmel.

The next meeting at Crimond raceway will be on May 22, where all fromulaes will be competing for the Norman Cowie Trophies. Start time is 1pm.