Super League News

Publicans and club secretaries of FDMDA member teams are invited to submit tenders for the staging of home super league fixtures in the forthcoming season.

Tenders minimum £50 per home match should be submitted to the Super League Secretary, Greenacres, Kirkton Bungalows, AB43 8TG, by no later than Monday, July 2.

All tenders to decide home venues for the new season shall be voted on by the players at the AGM on Sunday, July 8, at the RAFA Club at 6:30pm.

The following players were awarded on the Super League Honours list for 2011/12:

Player of the Year - Graham Whyte;

Singles winner - George Milne;

Pairs winners - V. Farquhar and G. Hagen;

Top set average - Gary Hagen (25.91);

Highest finish - Mike Forbes (152);

Fasted leg - Richard Duthie (12);

Tons percentage table - Mike Forbes (1.81%);

Scheider Weise fastest leg - Pete Mitchell (14).